On the Town.

Small-town charm meets big city sophistication at a few select eateries and pubs in Amherstburg. No matter whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you’ll find fabulous options to please your palate around town. Start the day at a homey eatery with a traditional cooked breakfast. Chill out on the waterfront with an ice cream or frozen yogurt. Grab craft burgers and beers at a pub for lunch, discover delicious dining at a gourmet restaurant, and spend the evening being entertained with live music at a roadhouse.


I’ll Drink to That.

Being in the southernmost part of Canada, Essex County enjoys milder temperatures, which are highly conducive to growing grapes and making wine. Most wineries offer tasting sessions, and you can buy bottles or cases of those wines that take your fancy. Some wineries are set on gorgeous estates, and some have restaurants where you can pair wine with your gourmet dinner.


Play Tourist

Tourist attractions
  1. Fort Malden National Historic Site: 100 Laird Ave. S.
  2. Park House Museum: 214 Dalhousie st.
  3. Gibson Gallery: 140 Richmond St.
  4. Amherstburg Freedom Museum: 277 king st.
Restaurants, Cafes & Pubs
  1. Caffeine & Co.: 238 dalhousie st.
  2. The Panetteria: 248 ramsay st.
  3. Gilligan’s Fire Grill: 400 sandwich st. s.
  4. Speck’s Restaurant: 266 bathurst st.
  5. The Salty Dog: 237 dalhousie st.
  6. Artisan Grill: 269 dalhousie st.
  7. Waterfront Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt: 229 dalhousie st.
  8. Burger 67: 67 murray st.
  9. Shooters Roadhouse: 17 sandwich st. n.
  10. Lord Amherst Pub: 273 dalhousie st. n.
  11. Beacon Ale House: 239 dalhousie st.
  12. Downtown Espresso Café: 249 dalhousie st.
  13. Nucelli’s Frozen Yogurt: 274 dalhousie st.
  14. Royal Sushi House: 259 dalhousie st.
  1. LCBO: 495 sandwich st.
  2. Vintage & Vinyl: 60 murray st.
  3. Romano’s Specialty Meats & Italian Deli: 241 sandwich st.
  4. Mailloux’s Farm Fresh: 500 alma st.
  5. River Bookshop: 67 richmond st.
  6. The Towne Shoppe: 56 Richmond st.
  1. Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School: 140 girard st.
  2. Amherstburg Public School: 252 hamilton dr.
  3. General Amherst High School: 130 sandwich st. s.
  4. Anderdon Public School: 3170 middle side rd.
Beaches and Golf Courses & rec centres
  1. Willow Beach: Willow beach rd.
  2. Lakewood Beach: lakewood dr.
  3. Seven Lakes Golf Course: 3600 seven lakers dr.
  4. Essex Golf & Country Club: 7555 matchette rd.
  5. Pointe West Golf Club: 200 golfwood dr.
  6. Beach Grove Golf & Country Club: 14134 riverside dr. e.
  7. Kingsville Golf & Country Club: 640 essex county rd. 20
  8. Zekelman Tennis Centre: 2000 Talbot Rd.
Detroit attractions
  1. Campus Martius Park: 800 woodward ave.
  2. MGM Grand Casino: 1777 3rd ave.
  3. Somerset Collection Studio: 33 John r st.
  4. Detroit Institute of Arts: 5200 woodward ave.
  5. Henry Ford Museum: 20900 oakwood blvd.
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